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FRANKFORD CDC GROWTH Over the past several years, the Frankford CDC has been growing, and we have outgrown our current o ce at 4900 Griscom. Moving to our new location, the Daral Building at 4667-69 Paul Street right next to the Frankford Pause Park location, will allow us to expand our o ce space. is means we will be able to o er more programs and even have space to take on more sta as we continue to grow. DARAL BUILDING PLAN The Daral Building is an architecturally and historically signi cant building just o of Frankford Avenue. It is adjacent to the site of the Frankford Pause, and will help solidify our presence around Margaret-Orthodox, in the heart of Frankford. We are currently working with an architect on plans to renovate the building. We intend to restore the facade and stained glass windows, and we also hope to get the neon sign back up and running! e downstairs of the building will house an Internet cafe with computers and free wi and NAC o ce, as well as additional o ce space. e Internet cafe space will be available for pop-up events on weekends. TIMELINE In December 2015, the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce awarded the CDC a grant through their Cultural Corridor Fund to cover the acquisition and rehabilitation. Renovations should begin in late spring 2016, and we anticipate moving into the new facilities in fall 2016.
We look forward to moving into our new building and the opportunities that a larger space will provide!

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Name Frankford CDC’s new Building Date Posted 06 Thu 2016 Categories Community Development