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PROJECT SUMMARY The Frankford CDC is partnering with SEPTA and a private developer to bring a new retail development to SEPTA’s Frankford Transportation Center (FTC). Located on Frankford Avenue at Bridge and Pratt Streets, it is the second busiest transportation center in Philadelphia, serving over 41,000 customers daily. Across from the FTC on Frankford Avenue is the community’s only fresh food market. is supermarket is scheduled to close at the expiration of the tenant’s current lease with Rite-Aid in 2018. This project will replace the current supermarket, providing both residents and transit users with convenient, a ordable access to fresh and healthful food, therefore preventing Frankford from becoming a food desert. is development, on a current SEPTA employee surface parking lot adjacent to the FTC, will also create jobs (construction and permanent) and catalyze economic development in the neighborhood, while leveraging the current transportation infrastructure and encouraging further utilization of the FTC. Additionally, the supermarket will serve as an anchor for a development of smaller retail spaces on Frankford Avenue between Pratt and Dyre Streets. ere is also the possibility of incorporating some housing into later stages of the development. Such a development is consistent with both local and regional plans for high- impact, transit-oriented development around the FTC. TIMELINE The Frankford CDC will work closely with SEPTA over the next month to develop an RFP for developers to submit a project that meets both SEPTA and community needs. In November of 2015, SEPTA will release the RFP. e Frankford CDC and SEPTA sta will have a chance to review these projects and will solicit feedback from key community stakeholders, before selecting a chosen project. At SEPTA’s regular board meeting in January, SEPTA board members will adopt a resolution to enter into a contract with the selected developer for the Frankford Transportation Center development. IMPACT The construction of the supermarket will create 100 jobs, and the new supermarket itself will support 35 new jobs. Further, the project will ensure that Frankford residents, as well as transit customers, have access to a ordable, fresh, healthful foods. And nally, the development of a new supermarket will spur additional investment and development in the area, bringing Frankford Avenue back to the strong commercial corridor that its residents deserve.

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Name FTC Fresh Food Project Date Posted 06 Thu 2016 Categories Community Development