The Frankford CDC offers a number of services to business along the Frankford Avenue commercial corridor and throughout the neighborhood through the Targeted Corridor Management Program (TCMP) and Cleaning Assistance Program (CAP), both funded by the Philadelphia Department of Commerce.



Business Services


Business Assistance

Technical Assistance Referrals

Whether you’re a longtime business owner or just opened up, Frankford CDC can help you find the resources you need to thrive. From financing and professional certifications to market research and legal help, we refer out to a citywide network of technical assistance providers.


Entrepreneurship & Start-up Assistance

Looking to start a business in Frankford? Frankford CDC is here to help you start off on the right foot. We can help you sign up for an entrepreneurship workshop, get help with your business plan, find the perfect location, and more. 


City Department Navigation

If you have Licenses & Inspections violations you don’t understand, crime and safety concerns you want to communicate to the police, or questions about any City department, Frankford CDC can help. Our corridor manager helps business owners comply with City regulations and navigate departments such as Health, Licenses & Inspections, Commerce, Revenue, and more.

Corridor Cleaning Crew
City Program Referrals

Storefront Improvement Program

Does your storefront need an upgrade? Frankford CDC helps business owners on the commercial corridor apply to the City of Philadelphia’s Storefront Improvement Program, which provides funding for business owners to renovate their facades. Click here to see our completed storefront improvement projects!


Business Security Camera Program

If you’re thinking about adding external security cameras to your business, we can help you apply to the City of Philadelphia’s Business Security Camera Program, which will cover up to 50% of the costs.


InStore Forgivable Loan Program

The City of Philadelphia offers forgivable loans for retail, food, and creative arts businesses seeking to open or expand on commercial corridors. Frankford CDC can help you determine if your business is eligible and guide you through putting together an application.



Frankford CDC participates in the City’s Corridor Cleaning Assistance program and hires local residents to clean the sidewalks, curblines, and parks along the Avenue so that businesses and shoppers can work, shop, and live in a cleaner and safer environment. 

As a supplement to corridor cleaning services, Frankford CDC provides cleaning and basic maintenance of the Green Stormwater Infrastructure rain garden and bioswale at Womrath Park through the Water Department’s Soak It Up Adoption Program. These systems help prevent flooding and combined sewer overflow during heavy rain events.